Points By Drew Pritt

A Gentleman, A Statesman, & An Embarassment All Exit. Status Quo Remains!
September 8, 2007, 9:04 pm
Filed under: National Politics


Senate Republicans are witnessing the departure of three pillars of their numbers. One is a true Virginia gentleman (John Warner) of the old school who came to the Senate in 1978 with a nomination obtained after the winner of his primary died in a plane crash. He was married to a famous starlet at the moment and entered the Senate after serving as one of the last noted Secretary of Navy in the Presidential cabinet. The second is an activist and decorated war hero (Chuck Hagel) who defeated a popular incumbet Governor for an open Senate seat. He had the courage to buck his party and to speak out against the War in Iraq when it wasn’t popular. The third, well, he was a hard shell conservative religious right demagogue who got caught trying to pick up some bathroom trade in a busy Airport stall (Larry Craig). As if that was not trifiling enough, he has an extremely anti-gay voting record, and had the audacity after announcing his resignation to send up a trial balloon to rescind that earlier statement. It was as expected an unsuccessful venture.


Short of major upsets, the three will be replaced by at times carbon copies of themselves. One takes Virginia’s interests seriously and like his predecessor is another true Virginia gentleman who shares the same last name. (Mark Warner) The second like Hagel is a decorated war hero and in irony of all ironies, preceded Hagel in that Senate seat after succeeding a popular Senator who died in that office. He like Hagel also is outspoken on the war and survived Vietnam. (Bob Kerrey) The final is bombastic and a demagogue and one who will match Craig vitrol for vitrol, demagoguery for demagoguery, and will stand forth as all that is wrong with conservatism. (Jim Risch)



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