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Clinton-Clark ’08 …. or Obama-Casey ’08
May 6, 2008, 8:04 pm
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Yesterday, I surmised why I thought McCain will pick Lieberman as his running mate. This is all political tea leave reading but it gives an idea of what to look for in the coming weeks. So I thought I would do a rundown on the Democrats. First off like yesterday, my personal guesses and why, and then the ones I think are out as potentials. As we still have a two person race I have guessed for both Clinton and Obama.

The whole concept of a Clinton-Obama or Obama-Clinton ticket is ludicrous. In 2000, sadly, it was not Al Gore-Bill Bradley. In 1992, you didn’t have a Bill Clinton-Paul Tsongas or a Bill Clinton-Jerry Brown ticket. In 1976, it was not a Jimmy Carter-Scoop Jackson or a Jimmy Carter-Mo Udall ticket, though it very nearly was a Jimmy Carter-Frank Church ticket, as Church was one of Carter’s closest and last competitors. Ticket balancing is needed but short of the unsuccessful Kerry-Edwards ticket in 2004, the last time a runner-up was offered the slot and it successfully worked was 1960 with John Kennedy-Lyndon Johnson.

Hillary Rodham Clinton, should she win this nomination, will need an outstanding running mate. Barack Obama will need a running-mate to placate the Clintonites who matches his star power. Also with the war hero status of John McCain and with the key issue of Iraq, the potential top running mate for actually both candidates is General Wesley K. Clark, US Army (Retired). Having the former Supreme Allied Commander (a post Dwight Eisenhower once held) as a running-mate is major bragging rights. Like Obama, Clark is the product of a grassroots draft effort. While Clark was not successful in 2004, he was new to politics in the civillian world, but he soon blossomed and he is now one of the super stars of the Democratic Party. Son of a working mom at a young age, Jewish heritage, West Point Honor Graduate, Vietnam Veteran, Father, Husband, and not to mention award-winning author, and in the military, the only U.S. Commander to conduct a full-scale war without any casualties. Thats an impressive resume’ and shuts down McCain’s POW story as well as adds strength to an expert on how the United States can extricate itself from Iraq.

I would like to see Obama picking Clark, though I could be wrong, but Obama’s campaign has been unconventional at this point. Senator Bob Casey, Jr., might be that unconventional pick. They seem to enjoy each other’s company and Casey appeals to that working-class voter that eludes Obama often. Also, Casey would appeal to the socially conservative crowd that Obama has often wooed. Lets not forget, before his own church troubles, Obama was speaking at fundamentalist non denominational churches and being accepted. Casey has a unique pedigree too. Casey is one of eight children, was born in Scranton, Pennsylvania, of Irish American descent on his father’s side. He is the son of  and namesake of Bob Casey, the 44th Governor of Pennsylvania. Casey practiced law in Scranton from 1991 until he ran for and was elected Pennsylvania State Auditor General in 1996. He served in this capacity for two terms, from 1997 to 2005. In 2002 he attempted to follow in his father’s footsteps by running for Governor. Casey faced former Philadelphia mayor Ed Rendell, who had lost in 1986 to the senior Casey in a bid for Governor, in the 2002 Democratic primary election. Casey performed well in the rural areas of the state, and won a majority of Pennsylvania’s counties. However, he lost to Rendell by 12 points, after Rendell was victorious in the state’s major population centers, thus evening the score between the two families. In 2005, Casey received calls from U.S. Senator Chuck Schumer (D-NY), the chair of the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee, as well as U.S. Senator Harry Reid (D-NV), the Senate Minority Leader. Both men asked him to run for U.S. Senate in 2006. On March 5, 2005, Casey announced he would seek the Democratic nomination for the Senate race. Casey’s run for the Senate was his fifth statewide campaign in nine years. After he announced that he would run, Casey was almost immediately endorsed by Governor Edward G. Rendell,  who engineered two potential strong primary foes out of the race, by former Congressman Joe Hoeffel who ran against Pennsylvania’s other Senator, Arlen Specter, in 2004, and former State Treasurer Barbara Hafer, whom many in the pro-choice movement attempted to convince to run against Casey in the Democratic primary. In the primary, Casey won 81% over lesser known candidates. In November, Casey won the race with 59% of the vote, compared to 41% for incumbent Senator Rick Santorum. Casey’s margin of victory was the highest ever for a Democrat running for the United States Senate in Pennsylvania, and the largest victory margin for a challenger to an incumbent Senator since then-South Dakota Lt. Governor James Abdnor (R) unseated Senator George McGovern (D) by 18.8 points in 1980.



Edwards, Richardson, Sebelius, Bloomberg, Lincoln, Webb, Vilsack, Bayh, Beebe, McCaskill, and Corzine are the other most prominently mentioned names as running mates.

John Edwards was a dud for running mate last time and a dud for President a second time around so why pick him???

Bill Richardson’s act of Brutus first to his loyal Lt. Governor, Dianne Denish, and then to the Clintons by endorsing Obama makes him suspect. A Vice President has to be loyal.

Kathleen Sebelius is a perfect fit to take on and win the U.S. Senate seat Sam Brownback wrestled from two women (Sheila Frahm in the primary and Jill Docking in the General) and avenge the anti-feminist/anti-semitic campaign he ran in 1996. Besides that a sex scandal with her Attorney General has made her focus on Kansas.

Michael Bloomberg is a multimillionaire liberal from New York City. If the Democrats are losing NYC, something horrible has gone wrong.

Blanche Lincoln is no Hillary Rodham Clinton. She’s moderate and she is from the South but not that well known. She’s a darkhorse running mate potential for Obama.

Jim Webb is loud and boisterous and fun but dangerous as a running mate. He has military credentials but he may be too risky of a choice.

Tom Vilsack bombed as a Presidential candidate. He is beloved in Iowa and thats where they need him to win Charles Grassley’s Senate seat in 1980.

Evan Bayh is like watching paint dry. He doesn’t have the “aw shucks” countryboy cornpone meets Ivy League Harvard swagger his father had when he was a Senator and Presidential candidate. He’s moderate, safe, zzzzzzzz….boring.

Mike Beebe is relatively new to consideration. Wonderful life story and plenty of government experience. Were it for a decent Lt. Governor, Beebe would consider it, but the thought of Beebe being succeeded by Bill Halter is the same as if John F. Kennedy had been succeeded by George C. Wallace, Jr.

Claire McCaskill carried Missouri but her Senate votes have many questioning her liberal sympathies. She is Blanche Lincoln without the charm.

Jon Corzine was trying to set himself up as the running mate favorite till a car accident really hindered him greatly. Dropping poll numbers are not helping his image either or his choice to back Frank Lautenberg for another Senate term over Rob Andrews.

So thats how I see the Veepstakes, DEMs, today folks.


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Somehow, I just see Obama selecting John Edwards as his running mate. But for right now, we have to wait and see how the cards play out. Perhaps the American people will surprise us in November.

Comment by Colleen

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