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After 6 Ballots – Barr is nominee for Libertarians
May 25, 2008, 10:04 pm
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Thanks to the Last Free Voice blog, as we know now that Bob Barr, a conservative right-wing former U.S. Congressman from Georgia, is now the Libertarian nominee for President. One thing Barr has done is help the Democrats as he will take votes from McCain and put Georgia into play in the fall. Who would think the party that is all about less government and less government intrusion into our daily lives would nominate “Mr. Defense of Marriage Act, Mr. Patriot Act, Mr. Drug Warrior, MR. FAIRTAX” as their nominee???

Well I still say it was Barbara Billingsley and the tea & cookies reception that did it.


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I was glad to learn Bob won the nomination. He is a good man. He is an honest Libertarian. The R’s have done nothing to enhance their standing, The only thing the R’s have done is become a part of the Democrat party with portfolio. The R’s don’t deserve to win any seats in the house but the left will blow it and be replaced by L’s in two years. Had the R’s nominated Ron Paul I would have a different approach.

Comment by Ken Howe

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