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A Modern-Day Gracie Pfost – DEBBIE HOLMES
May 28, 2008, 11:35 pm
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The American West has been the home to some wonderful women in elective office. In Idaho, in the 2nd Congressional District, there was an Arkansan who moved to Idaho who made a lasting impact.  Gracie Pfost moved to Idaho in 1911 and attended college there. After graduation, Pfost took up work as a chemist for a milk company. She entered politics in Canyon County and held several positions in county government between 1929 and 1951, including deputy county clerk, auditor, recorder of deeds and county treasurer. She also served as an Idaho delegate to all Democratic National Conventions between 1944 and 1960.

In 1950, Pfost ran for Congress, and lost, but in 1952, she ran again, defeating former Congressman Compton I. White, Sr. in the Democratic primary and incumbent Congressman John Wood who bested her 2 yrs. earlier. Pfost was reelected in 1954, 1956, 1958 and 1960. In 1962, Pfost was the Democratic nominee in a special Senate election to replace the late Senator Henry Dworshak, but was narrowly defeated by the appointed Republican incumbent, former Governor Len Jordan 51%-49%. After leaving the House in 1963, Pfost worked in the Federal Housing Administration as a special assistant on housing for the elderly, until her death at Johns Hopkins Hospital two years later the age of 59.

Pfost supported stabilization of farm products, improved labor legislation, and the conservation of our minerals, timber, and other lands. Favoring broader Social Security coverage and reduced taxes, her platform also included support for humanitarian legislation. Of greater significance and one which marked her congressional career, she opposed private interests and championed the federal construction of a high, multi-purpose dam at Hells Canyon on the Idaho-Oregon border. Later, in her first speech before the House of Representatives on April 16, 1953, she introduced the bill to allow the federal government the right to construct a dam on the Snake River. Her vigorous support of the project earned her the sobriquet: “Hell’s Belle.” Throughout her career in the House, Pfost continued to support legislation protecting Idaho’s interests first and foremost. Described as a “unique and forceful political personality,” Pfost diligently promoted the mining, timber and agricultural interests of Idaho’s northern counties.

Now in 2008, Idaho’s 2nd Congressional District deserves a new “unique and forceful political personality.” Enter Debbie Holmes, a working mother, who is attempting to pick up where Gracie Pfost left off. Debbie Holmes is definitely the quintessential first-time candidate, but she has gone out of her way to make up for it by taking her campaign directly to the people she wishes to represent. She won 69% in defeating a much better-financed primary opponent.  Debbie Holmes, unlike current Congressman Mike Simpson, has been focusing on the financial crisis, coupled with the healthcare crisis in this nation. As a realtor and a working mother, she knows firsthand the struggle of many working Idahoans, and more so of Americans. Throwing money at a problem will not solve the crisis. In the wake of the subprime mortgage crisis, Holmes believes government should step in and help homeowners renegotiate the value of their property instead of using taxpayer dollars to bail out banks. Thats why Debbie Holmes is fiscally responsible. Also, she recognizes one of those other looming crisises is Iraq and thats why she favors a responsible plan to remove our forces from Iraq so that nation can stabilize.

Holmes, like Gracie Pfost before her, holds an advanced degree in chemistry. Not to mention, like Pfost, as the member of the majority party in Congress, Debbie Holmes can provide better representation and get more federal funding for projects than the current Congressman, Mike Simpson.

Simpson, who has amassed a war chest of $300,000 has served the interests of the Republican Party. Moreover, when U.S. Senator Larry Craig (R) was caught in a Minneapolis Airport bathroom, soliciting an undercover male police officer for homosexual activity, what did the devout and pious Mormon that Mike Simpson do???


He issued the following statement :

“My thoughts and prayers are with the entire Craig family. Like most Idahoans, I was shocked by the allegations against Larry and by his guilty plea. However, I tend to judge people by the totality of their career and Senator Craig has been a dedicated public servant who has been an asset for Idaho for almost 30 years. At this time, I will not pass judgment on this matter.”

Wow! Mike Simpson passed judgement on President Bill Clinton (D) when he first ran for Congress in 1998. He ran about “values” and featured his wife. I guess to Simpson, values only matter, when you can use them as a campaign tool to manipulate voters, to pull at their heart strings, to get votes.

Debbie Holmes won’t do that. She wants to serve all of Idaho like Gracie Pfost once did. Donate some money to her and give her the chance to prove Idaho deserves A GREAT CONGRESSWOMAN.


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