Points By Drew Pritt

A Clinton Supporter to Senator Barack Obama
June 4, 2008, 2:36 am
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Senator Barack Obama, I want to congratulate you as our party’s nominee!

200 yrs. ago, the slave trade in our nation was ended, and 143 yrs. since a war ended that divided our nation over the color of an individual’s skin, you now step onto the stage as the embodiment of the promise of the resolution in those episodes. Just as our nation was deeply divided beginning at the courthouse at Appamatox and continuing to the Pettus Bridge in Alabama. But those wounds are beginning to heal and the balm is that you sought this nomination, not on a platform of division, but a dream and a hope of what can unite.

Yes, I supported Hillary Clinton because of her work with the Children’s Defense Fund. I supported Hillary Clinton because she has fought for years for health care. I supported Hillary Clinton because she has spoken up and spoken out for the GLBT Community that I am a member. I supported Hillary Clinton because I believe in the quiet stillness, the voice she found, speaks for me. It speaks for my brothers in Iraq, that its more than just to leave Iraq, but to give them the care they deserve and the benefits they were promised when they return safely home. Change is a buzzword, but results are what counts, and when comparing Senate records between you and her, Hillary Clinton gets results.

When we compare the results of the Democratic Presidential Nomination result, you got results, and won where many would never dream a Democrat could win. Senator Obama when you speak especially this evening, you speak to the hearts of so many. Yes, I believe you should go to Iraq to see our American Troops, but we need you to win the White House so that our troops can come safely home. We need change that provides good paying jobs with good benefits for AMERICA not for another nation. We need to pass universal health care so that being healthy is not a luxury but a guaranteed right. Finally, we need a President who understands it’s not the color of a person’s skin, the gender of an individual, or even who they are attracted to or whom they love that determines their worth in society, but rather their integrity, thei commitment to others, and the fact that they leave life better than the way they found it.

Senator Obama I went to New Hampshire, I went to Nevada, and I spent time working for Hillary Clinton. I invested time and energy and money to elect her. But the fact is, tonight, you are our party’s nominee and let me say that the message I deliver on this blog to you tonight should be the message of all who supported others in the primaries….OUR TIME IS NOW….which means I am here to support you.  To all the Clinton Democrats and Edwards Democrats and Dodd Democrats and Biden Democrats and Gravel Democrats and Richardson Democrats….we are DEMOCRATS. We are united tonight, so let’s go and let’s win this battle for the future of our nation, together!

Senator Barack Obama, I want to congratulate you as our party’s nominee!


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