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It’s ISRAEL, not Palestine!
June 10, 2008, 6:07 pm
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Shalom to my friend Susan who moved to Israel and lives there now with her family. Also to Ann Weismann, Cheryl Levy, Joan Jarowski, and all my other friends who trace their lineage to the people of Israel….a happy 60th Birthday in the R.E. You see, instead of the Latin, A.D. (Anno Domini), or the more politically correct, C.E. (Common Era), this should be called the R.E. when it comes to Israel, as it’s the Restoration Era.

Once more, it’s ISRAEL, not Palestine.

It seems silly to call POLAND of today – Galicia, Prussia, or the Dutchy of Warsaw. Between 1795-1919, thats what modern-day Poland was called when it was partioned between Austria-Hungary, Russia, and what eventually in the 1870’s became Germany. Yet in 1919, POLAND was reconstituted.

Do we call ITALY today the collective Papal States, Kingdoms of Sardinia & Sicily, and Dutchys of Milan and Savoy, as well as the Republicans of Piedmont, Venice, Florence, and Siena? People would look at you as if you were ridiculous.

To move to the Middle East, why is TURKEY not referred to as the Ottoman Empire or IRAN called Persia anymore? Until 1948, SAUDI ARABIA was the Hejaz. The British Mandate of Mesopotamia was IRAQ, Transjordan was JORDAN, and Assyria obviously doesn’t exist.

So why my dear friends do the Arab Nations and now the incompetent administration of our nation in America refer to this land of Palestine? Why is Palestine recognized and a “people” and a faux “culture” created?

First of all, “PALESTINE” as a political entity came about in 1964. Hmmm….thats sixteen years AFTER the Independence of Israel was recognized. The Palestinian National Charter was adopted on May 28, 1964, establishing the Palestine Liberation Organization, in (east) Jerusalem along with another document, variously known as the Basic Constitution, Basic Law or Fundamental Law of the PLO, based on an earlier Draft Constitution. The Charter is concerned mainly with the aims of the Palestine Liberation Organization, while the Fundamental Law is more concerned with the structure and procedures of the organization. The Charter was extensively amended, with seven new articles, in 1968 in the wake of the Six Day War and given its current name. Compared to its predecessor, it focused more on the independent national identity and vanguard role of the “Palestinian People“, led by the PLO, in their “liberation of their homelandby armed struggle.

Hmmm….interesting, so since I live in the American South, I could declare my independence from the United States and find like minded peoples and states and form into a Confederation, right? I mean, because thats exactly what this is….this is the Israeli version of the American Civil War. In the American Civil War, great force was used to put down the “rebellion” that inherently many agree was constitutionally allowed but would have destroyed the United States. The decision to stop this cessation of Southern States preserved the Union and preserved the United States of America as a nation.

The Final Record of the Diplomatic Conference of Geneva of 1949, (Volume II-B, p. 121) does not specifically define the term “civil war“. It did, however, describe the criteria that separate any act committed by force of arms from those qualifying as “armed conflict not of an international character” which includes civil wars. Among those conditions listed are these four basic requirements.

• The party in revolt must be in possession of a part of the national territory.

• The insurgent civil authority must exercise de facto authority over the population within the determinate portion of the national territory.

• The insurgents must have some amount of recognition as a belligerent.

• The legal Government is “obliged to have recourse to the regular military forces against insurgents organized as military.”

The International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC), which includes the auxillary known as the Red Crescent, further clarified Article 9 of the Geneva Convention. They stated that the nature of these armed conflicts, not of an international character “generally refer to conflicts with armed forces on either side which are in many respects similar to an international war, but take place within the confines of a single country.”

So the propaganda being perpetuated by some….I stress some in the Arab world….is wrong. Israel is a beautiful nation. From the 2nd Millenium B.C.E. till the 7th Century A.D., Israel was a nation. Longer than the Polish people can claim and about as long as Italy. These nation’s had separatist groups within them and still do today, however their groups are not given credence.

In the same respect, the P.L.O., which is a terrorist organization should not be given anymore credibility than al-Qaeda, Abu Nidal Organization, Al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigade, HAMAS, Hizballah, Islamic Jihad Group, et al….and even Kach and Kahane Chai. They all seek to step outside the legal and proper means to destroy democracy, destroy nations, and destroy order. If they wish to truly achieve the aims they claim, they need to lay dowbn their arms, stand in elections, and compete on a fair and even playing field. They should let the people decide without fear of intimidation or violence.

There is no martyrdom….just a group of thugs who disgrace their faith for their own aims. When we start recognizing P.L.O. or any of these groups….we allow their tactics to win. They are no better than the S.S. & Gestapo and all should either disband or the nations of the world should join in common defense and eradicate them as they did the S.S. & Gestapo in World War Two. Otherwise….otherwise….well should we even consider the other less desirable option?


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