Points By Drew Pritt

Obama-Clark ’08 – Signs say Good Possibility.
June 10, 2008, 6:44 pm
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The vetting team for Barack Obama has few clear missions to accomplish. They need to get for Obama a running mate who adds knowledge, is experienced, but who can unite the party with the Clinton group, and now news today says will counter John McCain’s military angle.

There is one potential nominee who has run for President before. He has a sterline military record of accomplishment and is a hero. In fact, as a military commander he did something unparalleled by very few in history. He lead his troops into a major campaign and emerged without a single fatality. (This is in stark contrast to the 4,000+ deaths that stain the hands of the Bush-Cheney-McCain team.) He is a sharp debater who went to West Point. His Presidential race included a platform that included minorities and was very closely aligned to the GLBT Community and the Jewish Community, two Democratic Party bases who are leery of Obama currently. He is a stirring speaker who has helped to elect a number of Democrats, a close friend and advisor to both Clintons, and best of all, he can help Obama win a Southern State….Arkansas.

General WESLEY K. CLARK, U.S. Army Retired.


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