Points By Drew Pritt

June 13, 2008, 4:54 am
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When you think about Arkansas and politics, I am sure Bill Clinton, Wesley Clark, Mike Beebe, Mark Pryor, and sadly even Mike Huckbee come to mind. But there are some remarkable “Diamonds in the Rough” as it were who while are not necessarily unnoticed, still deserve attention and notoriety.

If one were to Google in quotes the names Pat Lynch and Drew Pritt, an astounding 249 times files would pop up. I am sure Lynch would swear 215 of those times was an onslaught of press releases from my abortive bid for Lt. Governor in 2006. Here is a gem of one I sent in jest that he actually published….in jest. It might be however, I declared my bid for Lt. Governor on Pat’s radio show in 2005. But Pat Lynch is to the radio world what Larry King is to late night television talk shows. He has quality radio on everyday. I suggest listening to him sometime. You can also read his columns archived online here.

Listen 9 to 11 weekday mornings

KSMD 99.1 FM – Searcy/Batesville

KWCK 1300 AM – Searcy

KAPZ 10 AM – Bald Knob/Augusta

KAWW 1370 AM – Heber Springs/Clinton


You used to be able to here him online however we need to have that option back. Drop Pat a line at Lyncho@Lyncho.com and get a daily update on the news in Arkansas and the nation. One other site that Pat maintains that you should seriously check out is called Trains for America.


After 9/11 we saw the horrendous paralyzing of the American Transportation system that happened. Also, you may not realize that airlines receive financial bailouts and are subsidized increasingly by the Federal Government. However, the Republican Administration of Bush-Cheney has attempted to choke out Passenger Rail Service with Amtrak. Rail service however still is eco-friendly, safer, more luxurious, and a lot less stressful. Also, it doesn’t take a long time to travel by rail. In fact the capability is there as the Acela can get you between Boston and Washington, D.C. in just three and half hours, all in luxury, comfort, and quiet.


Pat Lynch’s TRAINS FOR AMERICA is comprehensive and in-depth look at the cost-benefit ratio of train travel in the United States. Go check it out and tell Pat that Drew sent you.


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