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Top Veep Picks for McCain (Analyzed)
June 17, 2008, 11:42 pm
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(Strengths)  LIeberman is one of McCain’s closest friends in the Senate. He won reelection as an Independent in 2006. He is knowledgeable and well spoken. Not to mention he is a strong spokesperson for the Jewish community. The fact he is a nominal Democrat doesn’t hurt.

(Weaknesses) On all the key social positions, Lieberman is still more liberal than the typical Republican. Also the selection of Lieberman might solidify key Democrats rather than attract them to the ticket.


(Strengths) Well spoken, young, and already Governor of a Deep South state. Jindal, who is first-generation Indian-American also adds a level of diversity to the ticket. Not to mention Jindal is also an evangelical Roman Catholic and is very anti-choice. Prior to his election as Governor in 2007, he served as a U.S. Congressman and was the de facto Republican nominee for Governor in 2003 gubernatorial runoff.

(Weaknesses) Jindal has very little government experience. Also, while he may have a 100% Anti-Choice voting record, there is discrepancy in what he says and votes. He supports Plan B and other emergency contraceptives for rape victims, all forms of which have been labelled abortifacients by the Catholic Church. Nor does he condemn medical procedures meant to save the life of a pregnant woman that would indirectly cause the termination of the pregnancy.


(Strengths) Romney ran a strong bid for President and served a decent term as Governor of Massachusetts. Prior to that he still has the good memories from the Salt Lake City Olympics in 2002. He is an excellent speaker and he has a significant base of supporters.

(Weaknesses) Romney never fullied explained his Mormonism faith. Also his flip flopping on issues of a woman’s right to choose and gay rights from his 1994 Senate bid and 2002 Governor bid when he was a progressive to a conservative in his 2008 Presidential bid seem disingenuous. Also he doesn’t seem to have the chemistry with McCain.



(Strengths) Mike Huckabee ran a much stronger than expected bid for President. He is an excellent speaker and is well liked by the Christian Right that is a key base for Republicans and leery of McCain. Huckabee is a former Lt. Governor (1993-1996) and Governor (1996-2007) of Arkansas and he hails from Hope, Arkansas, the same hometown of Bill Clinton.

(Weaknesses) Huckabee in his tenure as Lt. Governor and Governor incurred (16) sixteen different cases and violations with the Arkansas Ethics Commission. Also, Huckabee is not a team player and his selection, like Lieberman, does less to attract Independents and disaffected Democrats.


(Strengths) Crist and McCain have developed a good relationship together. Crist’s endorsement of McCain came at a critical juncture and has served as Florida State Education Commissioner (a statewide post since eliminated) and Attorney General before his election as Governor in 2006. Crist has a warm and engaging personality that disarms many opponents.

(Weaknesses) Crist is only 56 yrs. but his white mane of hair and wrinkles make him look as old or older than the 73 yrs. old McCain. There are conflicting stories about Crist’s sexuality. Theres credible references that Crist is either gay or in the least bisexual. However, Crist refuses to submit to DNA evidence for a girl who he supposedly fathered. Also, Crist has only been Governor for two years and its dubious to the amount of influence he has.


(Strengths) Portman is the Director of the Office of Management and Budget, is a former U.S. Trade Representative, and prior to that served as a U.S. Congressman from Ohio. Portman is also a published author, writer of Wisdom’s Paradise: The Forgotten Shakers of Union Village. Portman also helped author legislation to protect topical rainforests worldwide. Portman has the mind of an economist and a mild temperament that is a credit to his Midwestern roots. His résumé is ideal and he is a young looking 56 yrs.

(Weaknesses) Portman has close ties to the Bush Family and Administration but moreover the chief problem is ROB Who??? Moreover, Portman’s mild temperament may not stand up to the strain and stress of a rough and tumble General Election campaign.


 (Strengths) Palin is a fresh and invigorating face for the Republican Party. In 2006, Palin, who was a Mayor of Wasila in Alaska, unseated the incumbent Governor (and a former Senate colleagues of McCain) ina surprising upset and landslide. Her poll numbers consistently remain in the 80% range for over two years. Her husband is a commercial fisherman and she is a mother to five children. As Governor, Palin has formed a new sub-cabinet to address climate change and reduce greenhouse gas emissions within Alaska. Although opposing gay marriage, Palin does support civil unions and signed into law a bill granting same-sex benefits. Palin would transform people’s idea of McCain overnight, because she is so much more youthful and so much more presentable and just takes the Republican Party in a whole new direction

(Weaknesses) Her limited time in government and Palin’s more progressive social views, though she is anti-choice, might make her less palatable to some.


(Strengths) Pawlenty’s selection immiediately takes a “blue state” that is key to Democratic Electoral math and puts it into play. Pawlenty has staked out an immigration plan opposite of McCain, setting himself up as a  balance on this critical Republican issue should he be chosen as the vice presidential running mate. He has also co-chaired McCain’s campaign.

(Weaknesses) Pawlenty barely won reelection in 2006 largely because of the gaffes by his opponent then his own electoral strength. Also, its dubious if he truly does deliver more than Minnesota if that as a running mate.


(Strengths) Unlike Pawlenty, Ridge never had trouble being elected and reelected both as a U.S. Congressman and then Governor of Pennsylvania. Also, Ridge’s popularity remains high in Pennsylvania. Should he put this key “blue state” into play it could seriously endanger Obama’s chances. Ridge also served as the first the first United States Secretary of Homeland Security (2003–2005). Ridge is also been consistently pro-choice in his career. As Governor, Ridge created and grew a “Rainy Day” Fund balance to over $1 billion to be utilized during an economic downturn or recession for the state of Pennsylvania.

(Weaknesses) Ridge is fervently pro-choice in a very anti-choice party. Ridge also was called by Gary Bauer a “peacenik-type of Congressman during the Reagan years” and Robert Novak who wrote of Ridge’s lack of defense experience and his opposition to the Strategic Defense Initiative.


(Strengths) Touted as #1 “most powerful woman in business” by Forbes magazine, Fiorina is best known for her stint as Chairman of the Board and CEO of Hewlett-Packard from 1999 to 2005. On March 7, 2008 Fiorina was named “Chair of Victory, 2008,” an RNC coordinated group to raise money and conduct get out the vote activities, by the Republican National Committee. She has joined up with Bill Gates to promote McCain’s  H-1B visa guest worker visas concept. Like a good running mate should, Fiorina at an economic round-table with the senator in January 2008, Fiorina praised McCain, claiming that “John McCain is a man who understands what the role of government should be, and what the role of government should not be.”

(Weaknesses) Hewlett-Packard fired Fiorina in 2005 for dissatisfaction with her performance. When interviewed by Charlie Rose, Fiorina bristled and asserted that her leadership was strong throughout, and that the Compaq merger was well conceived, but misunderstood by the Board.


(Strengths) Whitman is a former two-term Governor of New Jersey, who also served as Mayor, in a very swing state that has trended “blue” but could swing with the presence of Whitman. She was Administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency in the administration of President George W. Bush from 2001 to 2003. She is also fervently pro-choice. Whitman is currently Co-Chair of the CASEnergy Coalition, and in 2007, voiced support for a stronger future role of nuclear power in the United States. She is also a strong debater. Also, Whitman is independently wealthy and has self-funded portions of her campaigns in the past.

(Weaknesses) Whitman has an independent streak that irked many Bush Administration members. In 1996, as Governor, Whitman joined a New Jersey State Police patrol in Camden, New Jersey. During the patrol, the officers stopped a 16-year-old black male named Sherron Rolax for “suspicious activity” and frisked him. After the police found nothing on him, Whitman also frisked the youth while a state trooper photographed her. In 2000, the image of the smiling Governor frisking Rolax was published in newspapers statewide, which drew criticism from civil rights leaders who saw the incident as a violation of Rolax’s civil rights and an endorsement by Whitman of racial profiling — especially since Rolax was not arrested nor found to be violating any law. In 2001 Rolax learned how his image had been used and sued Whitman in Federal Court, claiming that the search was illegal and an invasion of privacy. The appeals court agreed that the acts did indeed suggest “an intentional violation” of Rolax’s rights, and that he “was detained and used for political purposes by the Governor,” but upheld the trial court’s decision that it was too late to sue.


(Strengths) Perdue is a popular Governor of a Deep South state. In 2002, he unseated an incumbent Governor and became the first Republican since the Reconstruction Era to win the Governorship in Georgia.  He was reelected unexpectedly in a landslide in 2006 over his popular Lt. Governor. Prior to his election as Governor, he served 10 yrs. as a State Senator. Perdue is married and father to four “natural” children, eight “adopted” children, and grandfather to nine grandchildren. He is an avid flyer. In addition to flying, Perdue is also an avid sportsman. Perdue had a cameo appearance as an East Carolina football coach in the movie We Are Marshall, large portions of which were filmed in Georgia. Perdue’s main focus in office has been on reforming state government, improving education, and growing the state’s economy. Perdue has advocated reforms designed to cut waste in government, most notably the sale of surplus vehicles and real estate.
(Weaknesses) Perdue looks and sounds like the proverbial Southern “Good Ole’ Boy“. One key issue he exploited in 2002 to win the Governor was to maintain the Southern Confederate Battle Flag in the state flag of Georgia. Also, according to a recent, March 5, 2008, proclamation, Perdue made a contraversial statement justifying that position saying, “Among those who served the Confederacy were many African-Americans both free and slave who saw action in the Confederate armed forces in many combat roles. They also participated in the manufacture of products for the war effort, built naval ships, and provided military assistance and relief efforts.”   


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you’ve left out Lindsey Graham, who could likely have the VP slot if he’s willing to risk his political career going down in flames with McCain.

Comment by cyberthrush

Oil/Energy Issue + Ethics/Corruption/Spending Issue + Hillary Voters/Women Issue = Guess Who

Comment by Ted

Answer to Guess Who: Alaska Gov Sarah Palin

Comment by Ted

Mac Pick Palin Veep BEFORE Hil Campaigns w/Obama!

In addition to her overwhelming attraction on the oil/energy issue and the female/disaffected Hillary voters, her human interest story will generate millions and millions of dollars worth of publicity and media coverage — essentially free to the McCain campaign — more than offsetting Obama’s reported money advantage.

Comment by Ted

A commenter on another post says it much better than I can:

“They say McCain reads the blogs, so here goes —

Senator McCain- Don’t let the campaign kibbitzers muddle things up.

First and foremost, Sarah Palin shares your values. She killed the bridge to nowhere. Need we say more?

As for the politics, Sarah Palin transcends geography. Her constituency, like yours, goes beyond state lines.

She will get your ticket access to voters all over the country based on who she is and what she stands for. Because she’s young, a woman, a mother with young kids, she will grab media attention more than any other potential candidate.

Gov. Palin also has a son in the active duty military. You have very wisely taken your son’s service in Iraq off the table as a campaign talking point. That is and should be respected. But others can talk about it and reflect on what it means.

A McCain-Palin administration would be the first in memory which has family members in uniform during wartime from both the President and Vice President. That would be a powerful statement as to the importance of national service, especially in uniform.

Most importantly, any Vice President should be ready to step up and serve in the event she is needed. Frankly, who is really ever ready? Gov. Palin is as ready as anybody, she is a quick learner, and in her public career has exhibited the courage and decisiveness needed for a great leader.

Godspeed to you in your campaign and in making this important decision.”

Comment by 4 bob

I can see it all now, Alaska Gov Sarah Palin’s husband, Todd, introducing Sarah as the next Vice President of the United States at the Republican National Convention later this summer, to the tune of Shania Twain’s “She’s Not Just a Pretty Face”.

Here it is:

Just imagine!!! (Dems, eat your heart out)

Comment by Ted

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