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Addendum to Who is Alaska’s Next Governor
June 23, 2008, 11:07 pm
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I had a reader who wrote to me and I accidentally erased his question. He posed that Governor Sarah Palin plans to appoint the current Attorney General to the Lt. Governor’s office should there be a vacancy. The way I read the Alaska Constitution….I do not see that provisio allowed.

What the Constitution says is :

§ 13. Further Succession

Provision shall be made by law for succession to the office of governor and for an acting governor in the event that the lieutenant governor is unable to succeed to the office or act as governor. No election of a lieutenant governor shall be held except at the time of electing a governor. [Amended 1970]

Prior to the selection of a Lt. Governor in 1970, the President of the State Senate succeeded to the Governorship in the absence of the Governor. The way I read this, the next time Palin could select a Lt. Governor is in 2010 if she’s still Governor.

…Assuming Sean Parnell won the U.S. Congressional seat.

But if she is selected as McCain’s running mate and won the Vice Presidency, the U.S. House is seated prior to the inaugaration of the President & Vice President which once again means Lyda Green would become the next Governor.


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