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Fmr. New Jersey Governor endorses Wesley Clark for V.P.
June 27, 2008, 3:06 pm
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Former Governor Dick Codey (D-N.J.) who is currently New Jersey State Senate President says he thinks ret. General Wesley Clark is the best candidate to match with Senator Barack Obama for a winning ticket for the fall.

He’s got personality, he’s got a great wife, and he gives Obama age and military background,” Codey told PolitickerNJ.com.

Clark is a decorated Vietnam War veteran who served as Supreme Allied Commander  during the Kosovo War, suffering no fatalities of soldiers under his command. In 2004, Clark ran for President, winning Oklahoma, and running strong in key battleground swing states. Clark remains close to the Clintons and vocally supported Sen. Hillary Clinton in her failed presidential bid.

Teaming up Clark with Obama would “Match Obama with someone who is seen as a regular guy who appeals to armed forces voters and blue collar voters, who were former Clinton supporters,” in Codey’s judgment.

I don’t think anyone connotes in his mind a five star general with a guy who’s going to be on a laptop at Starbucks,” said the Senate President and former Governor, who backed Obama in the Democratic Primary after former Sen. John Edwards withdrew.

Continued signs of support for Clark by key party leaders shows he is fast approaching to be a consensus choice for some as the strongest possible running mate for Obama.



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I Love speculating about the VP, I found a site that has alot of info on all the veep candidates with videos and petitions you can sign for or against potential vp candidates, I signed a petition to ask Obama to put Clark on his ticket. Im glad the Governor endorsed Clark, Clark is the perfect fit for Obama. Every one should go signe the petition. You can do it at one of two sites http://www.veeppeek.com Sweet site. or at http://www.TheVeep.com

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