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Republicans Represent WHO????
July 1, 2008, 1:21 am
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No this is not the title of a new political satire by Dr. Seuss. Rather its a fundamental and discerning question facing some GOP Senators facing reelection. Now grant you this is not the most positive or condusive enviroment for a Republican politician to raise money. Still, for a party that prides itself on local government and no special interest money or P.A.C. money, fundamentally is doing the opposite to retain power. So the question remains which is more important ~ Power or Principle?


29%  Senator SUSAN COLLINS (R-Maine)

The top hypocrite of the bunch is Senator Susan Collins of Maine, a Republican who talks like a moderate in Maine, and votes for the special interests in Washington, D.C.

According to one of Collin’s own press releases, she “claims” to believe “we need to reduce the influence of special interest spending on political campaigns at every level of government, from presidential races on down.”

Yet according to the Federal Election Commission and Collins own reports she is receiving an astounding $800,000 or 71% from OUTSIDE MAINE and MAINE VOTERS, demonstrating that she is not the progressive maverick on campaign finance reform she portrays herself to be.

24%  Senator John E. Sununu (R-N.H.)

Oh how I nearly peed my pants laughing so hard when I read a conservative blog shilling for John Sununu saying ~ “How many people realize he is considered one of a handful of the most respected fiscal watchdogs in the Senate?”  I have eaten cheesecake thats not as rich as that one.

John Sununu has collected only 24% of his campaign donations from New Hampshire voters. The state that Mrs. Doris Haddock, Granny D herself, is represented by one of the worst serial abusers of the campaign finance system. But heres something sadly connected to my state thats even richer. Sununu claims to not be taking special interest money and when you Google John Sununu and Special Interest you are taken to this page. Yes ex-Governor Mike “One Hit Wonder” Huckabee (R-Ar.) who has 16 separate Ethics Commission cases in his career already tallied is shilling for Sununu and touting the same party line that Sununu is ethical, blah, blah, blah. Was Sununu ethical in how he first gained his Senate seat in 2002?????

Okay….okay, these are two New England small states and they have a small pool of supporters with the financial means. I recognize thats the spin emitting from Republican dittoheads nationwide. So what about if we go down South???

39%  Senator Elizabeth Dole (R-N.C.)

Senator Bob Dole’s wife should know better. As Common Ground points out, this is a pattern, and it’s only widening as 61% of out of state contributors are funding Liddy’s bid for a 2nd Term. Apparently electing Republican Senators and taking special interest money supercedes the economic welfare and benefit for North Carolina. Of course is she truly the Senator from North Carolina?

She owns 118.91 acres in Johnson City Kansas, valued at over a million dollars. She owns a condo with her brother in Florida. In Salisbury, North Carolina the only thing she owns is a “28.47% ownership interest” in a real estate development. This “ownership interest” has a value of between 250 and 500 thousand dollars. She receives rent from this property. Elizabeth Dole’s mailing address on official Rowan County documents is still listed as the Watergate hotel….the same one which is in WASHINGTON, D.C.

James Snyder, a Lexington, North Carolina, attorney, who ran for North Carolina Lt. Governor, poignantly and publicly stated to CNN, when he challenged Dole in 2002, “Why would they (President George W. Bush & then-Senator Jesse Helms) find it necessary for them to come to the aid of Elizabeth Dole, the most famous Republican woman in the nation,” Snyder said. “The Washington hierarchy didn’t stop to think about what would come forward from the residency issue, the fund-raising, her stands on the Second Amendment and the protection of human life. It shows that her campaign is in trouble.”

Snyder is no gadfly as he was endorsed by former Gov. Jim Holshouser (R) this year in his Lt. Governor campaign. So its got to hurt when your own party notices your inconcistencies.

Okay….Okay….so the New England Senators are from small states and this is the Deep South State example with a celebrity Senator. I mean Liddy Dole is a former Cabinet member, wife of a former U.S. Senator and Presidential (1996) & Vice Presidential nominee (1976), and a Presidential candidate (2000) herself. So what about if you have a Senator from a large, Midwestern state, that prides itself on the independence of it’s members of Congress as well as the cleanliness of it’s campaign finances. A Senator who was meticulous to criticize his Democratic opponent for not paying back taxes?

40%  Senator Norm Coleman (R-Mn.)

The mere fact that Paul Wellstone’s Senate seat is now occupied by Norm Coleman is akin to the thought of David Duke succeeding to the Senate seat of Barack Obama. Coleman has only collected 40% of his war chest from other Minnesotans.

Coleman is such a weasel in how he says one thing and does another. His campaign ads show him taking out the garbage. I suppose it’s of all the trash he has collected in lies that for the past six years he has said. Not only that but this “Moral Conservative” received nearly $10,000 from DCI Group who lobby for the brutal dictatorship who run Myanmar. Thats the same group of guys who beat unarmed monks, let alone women and children senseless, not to long ago. The same group that held elections instead of providing care and comfort to the over 200,000 who died in a typhoon inconviently for the dictators the time they wanted to have elections recently.

Shame on these Senators. Hypocrites all, they should be chased from the temple, as they have abused the public trust. Theres more Senators and these Republicans have demonstrated once again the principles they espouse are for getting elected but what they practice is how to retain power & influence!


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