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Wesley Clark is the modern Harry Truman
July 2, 2008, 4:20 am
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Wesley Clark has become the modern-day Harry Truman. Truman once said, “I never gave anyone hell, I just told the truth, and they thought it was hell.” I have to admit that Barack Obama has this great capacity that once you get to the point you like him, you are listening to his message, and you have some confidence in his abilities, he goes off and says something and just plain ruins that impression.

What Wesley Clark said about John McCain was the truth and if Senator Barack Obama and his campaign cannot handle a little bit of truth telling then he shouldn’t be the nominee for President! What Wesley Clark said is the truth :

He hasn’t held executive responsibility. That large squadron in the Navy that he commanded — that wasn’t a wartime squadron,” Clark told CBS, “I don’t think riding in a fighter plane and getting shot down is a qualification to be President,” he added.

Wesley Clark came back from Vietnam on a stretcher. In February 1970, only one month into his command, he was shot four times by a Viet Cong soldier with an AK-47. The wounded Clark shouted orders to his men, who counterattacked and defeated the Viet Cong force. Clark had injuries to his right shoulder, right hand, right hip, and right leg, and was sent to Valley Forge Army Hospital in Phoenixville, Pennsylvania to recuperate. 

Lets not forget Saxby Chambliss is up for reelection this year on a ticket with John McCain. Is John McCain’s campaign prepared to chastise Chambliss for the assertions that Chambliss made about Max Cleland in 2002 calling Cleland unpatriotic? Cleland returned from Vietnam broken. Due to the severity of his injuries, doctors amputated both his legs above the knee and his right forearm.

The wounds of war do not recognize partisan leanings or any other distinction. Men and women are wounded and die in battle. The difference is, some rely on their abilities and do not remain handicapped to trauma. Yes, Senator McCain was shot down. Yes he was a P.O.W. Yes he faced some sad and disturbing experiences.

In 2002, when Saxby Chambliss attacked the patriotism of Max Cleland, WHERE WAS JOHN McCAIN???

However, in 2004, when the SwiftBoat Veterans lied and attacked John Kerry, WHERE WAS JOHN McCAIN???

When George W. Bush chose to commit our Armed Forces to Iraq and for the first time in the history of our Republic, members of Congress and this Administration chose to violate the sovreignty of and subsequently invade another duly recognized nation of the world, knowing there was no exit strategy for our Armed Forces, WHERE WAS JOHN McCAIN???

The truth….face it, John McCain & sadly Barack Obama cannot handle the truth. Our nation is better off for the service and the ability to tell it like it is by the Wesley Clarks and the Max Clelands of this world!!

Once again, Wesley Clark is telling it like it is, and thats the sort of honesty we need in a Vice President. Someone who will advise Barack Obama honestly not be a synchophant. Someone who has gone to war and has executive experience.

During thirty-four years of service in the United States Army Wesley Clark rose to the rank of four-star general as NATO’s Supreme Allied Commander, Europe. After his retirement in 2000, he became an investment banker, author, commentator, and businessman. In September 2003 he answered the call to stand as a Democratic candidate for President of the United States and though he didn’t win the nomination, the grassroots effort and the long list of political supporters has started one of the most effective grassroots political movements nationwide, WesPAC, that has financially and with an army of supporters volunteering themselves in the campaigns have elected numerous Democrats nationwide. In his final military command, General Clark commanded Operation Allied Force, NATO’s first major combat action, which saved 1.5 million Albanians from ethnic cleansing in Kosovo, and he was responsible for the peacekeeping operation in Bosnia. General Clark’s awards and honors include the Presidential Medal of Freedom, The State Department Distinguished Service Award; the US Department of Defense Distinguished Service Medal;(five awards), The US Army Distinguished Service Medal(two awards), The Silver Star, the Bronze Star (two awards), the Purple Heart, and Honorary Knighthoods from the British and Dutch governments. General Clark currently serves in leadership roles with a number of non-profit public service organizations, including VoteVets (Board of Advisors), Democrats Work (National Advisory Board), Project H.E.R.O. (Campaign Chairperson), the Center for Strategic and International Studies (Distinguished Senior Adviser), the Center for American Progress (Trustee), the International Crisis Group (Board Member), City Year Little Rock (Board Chair), the United States Institute of Peace (United Nations Task Force Member), and the General Accountability Office (Advisory Board Member).

Like Harry S. Truman, another former Vice President, Wesley Clark tells it like it is and speaks the truth. THAT IS LEADERSHIP WE CAN BELIEVE IN!


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Obama and the Democratic Party needs to stand up against the Republicans when they try to Swift Boat another Democratic military hero. And any failure to do that will ensure another Republican victory in November.

Wesley Clark is a Vietnam War hero in his own right. And the Democrats need to stand up and make the American people fully aware of this.

Comment by Marcel F. Williams

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