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A Key Sign Jesse Ventura is Running for Senate….
July 3, 2008, 8:35 pm
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There is a key sign that Jesse Ventura is in the race for U.S. Senate. New York City Mayor, Michael Bloomberg, who like Ventura is an Independent is coming to fundraise for the Independence Party. Bloomberg will be the featured guest for a July 25 fundraising breakfast in Minneapolis. Thats ten days after the state-imposed filing deadline. As Ventura won the Governorship in 1998 and other nominees have won office, the party has a space on the ballot already. Bloomberg’s breakfast will be followed by a policy speech. to draw combined crowds of 600 to 700 people. The party expects to charge $100 per person for the fundraiser and lesser amounts for the speech. $60K-$70K added with donations and a personal investment, because Ventura is a millionaire, coupled with the first Senate poll shows Ventura at 26% of the vote means Ventura could be a player. There are also reports that Republican/Libertarian U.S. Congressman Ron Paul’s advisors are quietly meeting with Ventura. An endorsement of Ventura by Paul, a not unlikely occurence, means Ventura could easily raise $5-$6 million in a short amount of time. Former U.S. Senator Dean Barkley (I) helped convince Ventura to run for Governor in 1998 and has been encouraging him to enter the Senate race this year. Terry Ventura says she won’t stand in her husband’s way if he wants to run.

Is the U.S. Senate ready for Ventura, who stands to be the most quixotic & wilder members since “Fighting Bob” LaFollette represented Wisconsin in the U.S. Senate as a Progressive in the 1920’s.? The best irony is if Ventura runs and wins or causes DFL-nominee, Al Franken, to win, then it will be the second body slam Ventura has delivered to U.S. Senator Norm Coleman (R). In 1998, Ventura edged out then-Mayor Norm Coleman for Governor.

One other issue pushing this former Navy Seal is one of Franken’s issues. An immiediate withdrawal of U.S. Armed Forces from Iraq. Franken for his part, unlike Hubert H. Humphrey III (DFL) in 1998, will not underestimate Ventura. That may be what prevents Ventura from running in the end. That and the fact he is enjoying retirement out of politics.

Coleman & Franken have been endorsed by their respective parties. However, the resurgence of an article that Franken wrote for Playboy Magazine in 2000 and an off-color joke that he made as a writer for Saturday Night Live in 1995 have hurt Franken’s image over the last month. Then it came out Coleman has profited financially from the military dictators in Myannmar (Burma) who beat and killed the protesting monks, and questions have arose about Coleman’s reported extramarital affairs and not paying his own taxes. That has greatly hurt Coleman’s image.

Many have speculated that multimillionaire attorney Mike Ciresi, who dropped out of the DFL Senate race several months ago, will re-enter and try to capitalize on Franken’s stumbles. In the end, the truth will be known, by July 15th at 5:00 p.m., the deadline for filing for office in Minnesota.


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