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A Solution for Iraq
July 4, 2008, 2:31 am
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Its the rubiks cube of international affairs….what to do with Iraq. But there is an option, the Iraqi Constitutional Monarchy Movement. Prior to the reign of Saddam Hussein and the Ba’athists and a little prior to that, the military dictatorship that terrorized Iraq from 1958-1963, there was the last legitimate government of Iraq. Iraq should be returned to it’s last legitimate government which means restoring the Hashemite family to the Iraqi throne.

The perpetrators of the military coup in 1958, called it a “revolution,” but this is hardly representative of the truth. What happened in Iraq, was a conspiracy that was perpetrated by those who were in the army. The same officers in the army who had sworn a sacred oath to protect the King and the Constitution of Iraq and they carried out the “revolution” while the people of Iraq were asleep. 

The perpetrators were also influenced by the coup that had taken place in Egypt in 1952. They too called themselves the “free officers,” emulating the Egyptian officers who revolted against King Farouk. But there is no comparison between the two. Farouk was corrupt and incompetent while King Feisal and Crown Prince Abulilah were careful to maintain the good reputation of their families. Still, the brutality with which the coup was carried out in Iraq was totally different from the peaceful way in which King Farouk was ousted.

During the time of the Monarchy, Iraq had one of the most honest and efficient governmental bureaucracy in the Arab world. It also enjoyed a strong and prosperous economy. No one, not even the King himself, could spend public funds without proper authority. There was also a construction council that was allocated 70 percent of the oil revenues which promised to provide the country with a prosperous future. Also, during the monarchy, Iraq had an international and Arab standing, and the Iraqi people enjoyed freedom of expression and a press that had wide freedoms. The rights of the people were respected, and their lives were secured.

These are all principles that have disappeared from Iraq and ones that can be restored to bring peace to Iraq. Iraq will no longer be divided by sectarian, religious, and other social divisions.

In the words of the Iraqi Constitutional Monarchy Movement, who fielded 85 legislative candidates in the 2005 elections, “The idea of restoring the monarchy in Iraq has emerged as an effective way to recover the dignity of the Iraqi people, to reinstate the rule of law, to restore all human rights, and to revive the golden era which Iraq enjoyed under her monarchy.  Equally it offers a means of bringing Iraq back into the family of civilized nations, of re-establishing peaceful relations with her neighbors and respect for their borders and of ensuring Iraq’s useful contribution to the world order and her compliance with legitimate international resolutions.”


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I fully agree with that concept. What Iraq needs is a Constitutional Monarch. I hope many Iraqis will recognize Sherif Ali bin Hussein as their King.

Comment by Royalist

Today 50 years ago on 14th July 2008 King Feisal II and other members of the Iraqi Royal Family were butchered.
I commemorated this poor King on my blog:

Comment by Royalist

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