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Georgia on our mind….
July 8, 2008, 5:17 pm
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We begin today considering our fellow blogger, Blake Rutherford’s synopsis, on why Sam Nunn may make the ticket. Blake’s contention is that Georgia is the ninth largest electoral prize in the country. With Jim Webb out of contention, Nunn is an attractive running mate because of Nunn’s foreign policy experience and record with the armed services. You can read the rest of Blake’s synopsis here. I think its sad because he doesn’t mention our fellow Arkie, retired General Wesley K. Clark who is the better choice. Mainly because Arkansas is a much more winnable Southern state than Georgia. After all it took Zell Miller’s help to get Bill Clinton to pick up the Georgian Electoral prize. Prior to that, Jimmy Carter took the state. But Georgia, African-American vote non-withstanding has flirted Republican often. It almost went for Eisenhower. It was in play for Nixon in 1960. It went for Barry Goldwater in 1964. It went for George C. Wallace in 1968, came back to the Republicans in 1972, and then only the Carter anomaly ket it Democrat before Reagan, Bush I, and Bush II sweeped the state. Arkansas on the other hand has been much more of a constant Democratic state. Political prognisticators see Atlanta and the African-American vote and dream big dreams. But those two factors do not a victory make. For a Democrat to win in Georgia, they have to appeal to a broad coalition of liberal and conservative, urban and rural, to win the state. Sam Nunn won Georgia many times as a conservative Georgia Democrat. Roy Barnes won in 1998 as a rural Democrat. Max Cleland played up his Vietnam Veteran status to win Nunn’s seat in 1996. Yet prominent strong African-American candidates like Andrew Young for Governor in 1990 and more recently Denise Majette for U.S. Senate in 2004, or supposed safe incumbents like Senator Max Cleland in 2002 and Governor Roy Barnes in 2002, have stunningly lost because they appealed to progressives and African-American voters only. To win in Georgia, you have to be able to combine a bunch of different factors like ingriedients in the barbeque sauce, to win the state.



On that note, on Tuesday, July 15th, the Democrats will go to the polls and elect a Democrat to take on U.s. Senator Saxby Chambliss (R). Chambliss defeated Cleland in 2002 with a sleazy misleading ad that sublimally tied Cleland, Osama bin Laden, and Saddam Hussein together. Chambliss is a piece of work and the fact is he should be defeated for winning with the most blatantly misleading ad since Jesse Helm’s rascist appeal in 1990 for reelection. However, theres only one candidate for U.S. Senate who has been able to put the package together who can win….former State Representative Jim Martin.

The Atlanta Journal Constitution summed it up beautifully in endorsing Jim Martin saying, “Five candidates are seeking the Democratic nomination for U.S. Senate and the right to challenge Saxby Chambliss, the Republican incumbent, in the fall. But only one — former state Rep. Jim Martin — has the experience, the character and the intellect demanded for the role. Rand Knight, an environmental engineer and software salesman, has the intellect and character but has never held or sought public office. A seat in the U.S. Senate would be too big a step, too soon. Dale Cardwell, a former TV reporter, touts himself as an alternative to business as usual but has done nothing to establish himself as more than a protest candidate. Camping out on a tower in the dead of winter may draw publicity, but it is not the act of a potential U.S. senator. Josh Lanier, a retired businessman and consultant, is not running an aggressive campaign. The remaining candidate, DeKalb County CEO Vernon Jones, is a special case. He is a man of large talents and large flaws, but those flaws of temperament, character and judgment are so large as to disqualify him from consideration for higher office….”

We do not believe we could say it any better ourselves. I know Jim Martin personally. He and I visited at Coretta Scott King’s funeral in Atlanta in 2006 when we both were candidates for Lt. Governor, he in Georgia and I in Arkansas. He won his primary and I did not. I called him after he got into the Senate race to encourage him. He took my call like he would anyone. He hasn’t forgotten where he came from and its that simplicity that Georgians saw in people like Sam Nunn, Jimmy Carter, Joe Frank Harris, and others is the same simplicity that can elect Jim Martin to the U.S. Senate. He can form a coalition that can win while the others cannot. In summary, Jim Martin is the one who can put it together and win. Thats why we hope Georgians agree with us as well as the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, DeKalb County Sheriff Thomas Brown, and so many other Georgians. On July 15th, Georgia, LETS WIN, WITH JIM!


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Gen. Clark would be a fine choice and I think he’ll remain one of the options should Obama determine that he needs a military compliment on the ticket. But saying Arkansas is a much more winnable state isn’t supported by evidence, at least none to-date. Obama trails McCain by 9 points in the latest polls. There’s no data to suggest that putting Clark on the ticket closes that gap. Really, if Obama wants to win Arkansas, he’s probably better off putting Hillary Clinton on the ticket.

Comment by Blake Rutherford

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