Points By Drew Pritt

It’s Official….Or Is It, Jesse Ventura???
July 9, 2008, 5:24 pm
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In an interview with NPR’s David Welna that ran today former Governor Jesse Ventura (I) confirmed, or so many thought, what we had speculated before….he’s running for the U.S. Senate, challenging incumbent Sen. Norm Coleman, R-Minn., whom Ventura defeated for governor in 1998, as well as Democratic nominee and former Saturday Night Live humorist Al Franken. Ventura, born Jim Janos, tells Welna that the main reason is because of Coleman’s support for the war in Iraq. “That’s the reason I run,” he says. “I run because it angers me…All you Minnesotans take a good hard look at all three of us. And you decide: if you were in a dark alley which one of the three of us would you want with you?”

Three hours later, Ventura told the Associated Press today that he was only speaking hypothetically and that no one knows whether he will run, not even his wife. “I gave [NPR] the reasons why I would run,” Ventura said. “But I said ultimately, it will come down to whether I want to change my lifestyle and go to that lifestyle or not.” He reiterated that he won’t make his decision until Tuesday, the deadline for filing for office.

State Republican Chairman Ron Carey says in the NPR piece that he thinks a repeat of 1998 is unlikely this year, because Minnesotans are still recovering from “a hangover” left from Ventura’s term as governor. In response, Ventura tells NPR reporter David Welna: “Getting over a hangover? The only hangover they had was the fact that I beat their boy, Norm Coleman, and they suffered a four year hangover from that.”

Our guess is Ventura announces his Senate bid, he and Coleman run a nasty and bitter race, and Franken ends up being the beneficiary and wins the Senate seat.


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