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Green Party REJECTS Proposed 2008 Platform.
July 12, 2008, 4:43 pm
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In a move that cannot boad well, we learn from our friends over at the Green Party Watch Blog, that the Green Party has rejected the proposed 2008 Platform. It seems as if the contraversy began over two issues that seem in line with the rhetoric of Cynthia McKinney. So the next question is, is this a rejection of the contraversy of McKinney, or just an attempt to distance the Green Party from the McKinney rhetoric?

One passage dealt with the proposed guest worker program, which in the platform was equated with slavery. Also, as this blog predicted, many in the Green Party are uncomfortable with Anti-Israel rhethoric. In the proposed platform, there were portions dealing with the Middle East, which was described as “wishy washy why can’t you get along…”.

The final vote was :

final vote…
315 present
216 proxy
531 total

Yes: 184
No: 295
Abstain: 52

This author thinks McKinney’s candidacy is in serious jeopardy!


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