Points By Drew Pritt

Iraq’s Lost Democracy
July 14, 2008, 4:27 pm
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Our friend over at Radical Royalist, reminded this author that fifty years ago today, H.M. King Faisal II of the Hashemite Dynasty was brutally assasinated along with many of his family, in a coup d’etat. That was the day democracy was lost in Iraq. I have added a video on the jump that is proper, fitting, and respectful to remember the better days of Iraq. An Iraq that didn’t see the violence and pain it sees today. 

While relatively safe in his Royal Palace, the military officers who overthrew him lied and said a helicopter had come to take them into exile. Rather than safety they were brutally machine gunned to death in the courtyard. Such began the military regimes and Ba’athist dictatorships that crippled the nation for the next fifty years. But may this video tribute be a shining example of what once was, and at the end you see His Highness, Sharif Ali bin al-Hussein laying a wreath at Faisal II’s tomb. Either H.R.H., Prince Ra’ad bin Zeid, who is the official head of the House of Hashemite of Iraq in exile, or Sharif Ali bin al-Hussein, who once more has returned to Iraq, represent what once more could be peace and prosperity for Iraq.

But today, let us remember the Iraq that once was, that could had there not been a successful coup, been a major player in the Middle East today like it’s cousin nation, Jordan, where Faisal’s cousin King Hussein I, and now his son King Abdullah II, reign. In his short reign, this young man, H.M. King Faisal II united Sunnis, Shiites, Kurds, along with Jews and Christians under the banner of Iraq. He was one who sought peace and prosperity for his nation. Iraq under the Hashemite Royal Family in Jordan was relatively progressive. There was an active press, with the right to free speech recognized. All faiths were protected and respected. Iraq was financially rich and a sizeable portion of it’s oil proceeds went towards developments of roads, sewer systems, hospitals, schools, and other general development of the nation.

Iraq will never see peace till its returned to it’s last legitimate government, where Muslim, Jew, and Christian Iraqi all were united under the Hashemite Crown.


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