Points By Drew Pritt

Is It Indicative?
July 16, 2008, 11:38 pm
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It’s one of the most bizarre cases in Little Rock that I have seen since moving here. A young man with seemingly everything before him. Yes, maybe rebellious, but one who could lift himself out of his present condition. He stands accused of robbing his girlfriend’s mother’s house. When the police come to question him, he pulls out a handgun, yes a HANDGUN and he is shot dead.

On a hunch from a friend, I pulled his MySpace page and found even more disturbing evidence.


These disturbing images were pulled from the suspect’s own MySpace picture gallery. Oh there were more pics of young ladies in suggestive poses with weapons. The most disturbing for me is the picture with the young child, a young little boy of no more than 8 yrs. or 9 yrs. old. What is being instilled in a young child when you see images like this :

Guns are weapons, not toys! And the life of a thug is the life of death!

My heart is heavy for the family of this young man, for his friends, but why, why, why???? When will young people realize they are not invisible? When will the Colombines, and the gang wars, and cases like this end???


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