Points By Drew Pritt

John Edwards CAUGHT!
July 23, 2008, 5:06 pm
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This is the image John Edwards wants everyone to think of when they see him. The loving father of three children and devoted husband to a beautiful wife who is sadly dying slowly of cancer.










Unfortunately, this is the image we are likely to see in the coming days. Edwards who was running for President last year, was revealed that Riselle Hunter had been moved 5 miles from the Edwards Campaign HQ in Chapel Hill NC. The fact that the house she was living in was owned by an Edwards’ backer raises questions or the fact that Hunter was driving around in a BMW registered to a campaign official. Questions were raised but Hunter and Edwards claimed the love child was that of the Edwards campaign Director of Finance Andrew Young.

Okay, so now the questions are raised why at the Beverly Hilton the other night at 9 PM, Hunter had two rooms rented under her name, according to the National Enquirer. At 9 PM., the National Enquirer had staked out the hotel on a tip. Guess who was seen entering Hunter’s room? John Edwards did enter one of Hunter’s room. Edwards was not seen leaving the room until 3 AM. Once he left the hotel, the National Enquirer and reporters were able to catch him quickly. Edwards ran back into the hotel basement and had to be escorted out of the hotel by hotel security, looking dazed.

Maybe its because Edwards has built up this image of the Prince of good who has a sad story with a dead son and a dying wife that these questions were overlooked. However, Edwards hopes of being Obama’s running mate look dead now and so too his hopes to be Attorney General.


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