Points By Drew Pritt

Will Tim Kaine’s Anti-Choice Stance Hurt Obama???
July 30, 2008, 7:04 pm
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A critical point has come out about Governor Tim Kaine of Virginia. While aesthetically yesterday we talked about the positives of an Obama-Kaine ticket. However, critically, the Obama campaign has to ask itself, do they risk antagonizing the Pro-Choice wing of the Democratic Party? Kaine’s record, for all the positives, influenced by his faith and other reasons is decidedly anti-choice. After 8 yrs. of an anti-choice virulent administration….do the Democrats risk alienating that base further by placing an anti-choice running-mate a heartbeat away from the Presidency?

Democrats for Life of America promoted Kaine recently saying “The Boston Globe recently ran an article analyzing Senator Obama’s options for his Vice President. The candidate they were the most concerned with was pro-life Democrat Virginia Governor Tim Kaine. Heralded as a man with a Harvard degree who is fluent in Spanish and a devout Catholic, Governor Kaine’s attributes are praised as assets that would help balance out Obama’s ticket. The most important of which are the Governor’s strong anti-choice beliefs. Senator Obama and Governor Kaine have a standing friendship and Obama was quoted as saying that in politics you don’t have too many friends, “…but the Governor of the Commonwealth of Virginia is my friend.

The Netroots are starting to speak and it’s a considerable No We Kaine’nt!

Meanwhile, Roman Catholic political advocacy groups are getting into the act. They like Kaine, tolerate Kathleen Sebelius, and fear Joe Biden or Chris Dodd. So much to the point that they compare Biden & Dodd to the failed Presidential candidacies of John Kerry & Rudy Guiliani. They insinuate that it was because of their anti-choice nature. Interestingly enough they point to Sebelius’ own Bishop recently asked that she refrain from receiving communion because of her pro-choice views.

After the contraversy with the Reverend Jeremiah Wright incident, does the Obama campaign want to buck another church, and get into another quasi-theology/political discussion?

However, with Hillary Clinton so close to Obama in delegates, do they risk a potential quasi-revolt at the Democratic National Convention by nominating an anti-choice running mate or another female running mate besides Clinton?


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