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Where is the Choice?
September 28, 2008, 12:33 am
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Well its happened again. I have ended up in a fight with someone I am close to, this time my older brother, because I have been told being gay is a choice. Hmmm, when and where was I given the choice?

At one point was I offered by the genetics fairy a choice between being attracted to, being safer, being inclined, being able to decide between a boy and a girl? IF this is some choice, then why did all my attempts at dating a female fail miserably and yet my relationships with a male has flourished and been easy.

Where in the Holy Bible can you find me Jesus Christ condeming homosexuality? Please do not refer me to the Kosher Laws or to the Apostle Paul. I am not an Orthodox Jew, nor am I am Paulinian, but a CHRISTIAN….meaning Christ-like. So tell me, where did Jesus Christ even once condemn homosexuality?

Where in my life did I have a choice to say, I will live a life against what a plurality of the world says is “normal.” Where in my life did I have a choice to say my life is now endangered, I am a 2nd Class Citizen, and I am being reduced socially from the “norm” all in the name of a “choice.”

Where is it a fact that being homosexual is all bad and pervasive, violent, drug-induced, and cheap forms of clothing that is leather. Where is this land of straightville where theres no violence, nothing bad ever happens, theres no drugs, and everyone looks like they stepped off the cover of Good Housekeeping?

Where is the right you are given that everytime you hold to your beliefs does it say its okay to dismiss me, discriminate against me, and treat me without respect?

Where is your compassion? Where is your humanity? Where is your love?

Where is the Choice!



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The choice is in the minds of people that want to rationalize their bigotry.

Comment by Bob

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