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Cynthia McKinney is at it again!
December 31, 2008, 7:03 pm
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Do you suppose if we offered to unfreeze some of the late Shah’s assets, the Islamic Republic of Iran would take her?

WHY….why….why….why was crazy Cynthia McKinney on a boat, attempting to breach Israeli territorial waters? A boat that was intercepted by the Israeli Navy.

Yes, yes, yes, yes….I know….it was a “HUMANITARIAN VESSEL” bringing much needed “MEDICAL SUPPLIES” to the same terrorists who fire rockets into the homes of families in Israel. But, as happens with a propaganda machine, there are those who make the Palestinians out to be some poor martyred people. They always seem like they need food or medical supplies because they were just minding their own business and the big bad Israelis attacked them….for no reason what so ever, right?


The Israelis are doing that which is allowed and accepted by any civilized nation. They are attempting to keep law and order because a group of rebels, thugs if you ask me, are causing major disturbances. But lets consider for a second that Palestine does have a right to declare independence. I don’t….but for the sake of argument, lets say they do.

It was the Palestinians who walked away time and time againl from the Peace Table. It’s Hamas who has torn up treaties and refused to work with the Israeli government. It’s Hamas who has allowed terrorists to continually fire rockets into the homes of civillians and encouraged these groups that do such freedom fighting techniques as blow themselves up on crowded buses with old women and men, or in cafes with babies and mothers, or in crowded discos with young people. Yeah thats a strike for liberty….NOT!

Well, the only consolation is if the Palestinian Lobby has Cynthia McKinney as a spokesperson, she will probably kill their progress, like she killed the GREEN PARTY of the United States.

1396876595-ceramic-baby-jesus-is-seen-wrapped-with-traditional-arabic-headdress1And as for those peace-loving, poor, battered Palestinians. Have you seen this creche….it’s from a church in Gaza. I love how the Baby Jesus has been wrapped in the the Arab headdress worn for the Infitada. I mean because Christ did come to this world for the Arab revolt, right? And got to love that AK-47 laying at the feet of the baby Jesus. I suppose thats to shoot the dove of the Holy Spirit, above the baby’s head, in case he gets hungry….right?

SERIOUSLY NOW….that last little bit of exaggerated and verbal diatribe is nothing different from McKinney’s little tantrum about how the “Israelis just rammed us.” Yeah right, Cynthia, they ordered full steam ahead and pointed the bow directly at your ship. Its not like they may have been manuevering in the waters, and as was reported, didn’t have lights some of the other craft. And it’s not so much they rammed you three times, as much as waves and backwash, probably pushed the craft multiple times into your craft.

But, to the Israeli Navy, I have one question. If this was a cold and calculated move to ram this ship….why didn’t you aim for where Cynthia McKinney was on the deck? I am sure that hair of hers was unmistakable and if not, her shrill voice, pierces deeper than a foghorn.

Ehhh….let me play you out with this video :


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