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Welcome Governor Wilder To The Blogosphere.
January 4, 2009, 9:51 pm
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wilder1I hope all my readers will welcome, former Governor Doug Wilder of Virginia, to the blogosphere. He has entered with his own blog called Wilder Visions. Wilder was the first African-American to be elected Governor and of Virginia, the former lead state of the Confederate States of America, in 1989. Then in 2004, Wilder was elected the first Mayor of Richmond, the former Capitol City of the C.S.A. The grandson of slaves, he was named after abolitionist-orator Frederick Douglass.

Governor Wilder has always been a visonary and a fighter for the constitutional liberties guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution. But Wilder has worked within the existing power structures to bring about change. He has accomplished more than most. Most of all, he’s been a good example of what a good citizen is and should be. He has been an inspiration for many young people and is a statesman, not a politician.

In 1951, he graduated from Virginia Union University with a degree in chemistry. He served in the army during the Korean War, during which he won the Bronze Star for heroism in combat. After the war, Wilder returned to Richmond and worked as a chemist in the state medical examiner’s office. Using the benefits provided under the G.I. Bill of Rights, he studied law at Howard University in Washington, D.C. He received his degree in 1959 and after passing the bar in Virginia established his own law firm.

In 1969, Wilder entered politics, running in a special election for the Virginia state senate. He won and became the first African American state senator in Virginia since Reconstruction. Wilder spent ten years in the General Assembly and was recognized as one of its most effective legislators.

In 1985, Wilder was elected lieutenant governor. Four years later, he ran for statewide office again, and, on January 13, 1990, L. Douglas Wilder became Virginia’s sixty-sixth governor. He was the first elected African American governor in United States history. During his administration, Wilder was praised for his sound fiscal management and his ability to balance the state budget during difficult economic times. He sponsored new construction projects at many of Virginia’s colleges and universities, mental health facilities, and state parks.

After promoting the idea of a popularly elected mayor for Richmond, Wilder was overwhelmingly elected to the post in November 2004 with 79%.


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