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What Issues, Like Initiated ACT One, Hath Wrought
January 16, 2009, 6:17 pm
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U.S. District Judge Jay Zainey ruled without a trial in December, in a case involving a of a boy born in Shreveport, Louisiana and adopted by a gay couple from out-of-state, that the facts were so clear that none was needed. He ordered the State of Louisiana’s Office of Vital Records to put the names of both Oren Adar and Mickey Ray Smith on the amended birth certificate that is standard for adoptions. Now the state Attorney General, Buddy Cardwell….A DEMOCRAT….has asked Judge Zainey to reconsider.

I mean, REALLY?

The child is going to live in a less zealous and ideologue-led state. A FEDERAL Judge has made the ruling. And yet, the fundamentalists….sadly a DEMOCRAT this time, still fights this issue.

Under Louisiana law, a single person or a married couple may adopt a child, but two single people may not. However, Judge Zainey ruled that because the adoption became formal in New York, the State of Louisiana’s Office of Vital Records must recognize that state’s adoption law on this matter.

Then in what only seems Keystone cop, if it wasn’t so serious, developed the following pertinent problems. Smith and Adar have reported to the media that because they didn’t have a birth certificate for their son, they had problems getting him insured through Smith’s health insurance and were detained at an airport because a security guard thought they had kidnapped the boy. The baby boy is black, while Smith and Adar are white.

The State of Louisiana has made the argument that Adar and Smith don’t have any legal right to sue, because they could get a birth certificate with either Adar’s or Smith’s name on it. Problems they say have been caused by lack of a birth certificate wouldn’t exist if they accepted the certificate offered. The mother gave them custody of the boy, identified in court papers as “J.C. A.-S.” and “Infant J,” shortly after his birth in late 2005.

How is that different from the rascists like the late Governor of George C. Wallace, Jr. saying that there was no “transportation problem” in Alabama during the bus boycotts and then the attacks on the Freedom Riders later, when Wallace said, “All they (Civil Rights Demonstrators and African-Americans) have to do is just sit in the back of the bus.”

Or more close to home, I am reminded of another Democrat who was Attorney General in Arkansas. In 1960, he revealed his much touted PLAN FOR PEACE for the American South, concerning Civil Rights. The basis of the plan was that there would be peace when African-Americans stopped asking for their rights!

As Sir William Shakespere so eloquently wrote centuries ago, “Lord, what fools these mortals be!”

Let us pray that this goes to a U.S. Supreme Court who values the law over social ideologues who have intolerance bred into their moral DNA!


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