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On this side of the Mirror – My Perspective
December 17, 2009, 8:59 am
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Why, with all the slander online, the discredit by some psuedo-journalist bloggers, and with the fact that I am not rich, or even elected to office yet, should someone vote for me?

In the words of the late Admiral James Stockdale, “WHO AM I? WHY AM I HERE?

It must seem either courageous or stupid for someone who has not finished their Bachelor’s Degree yet to run for office. Yes, I have sought public office a couple of times. I ran for Warren City Council. I ran for Bradley County Judge. I ran for Lt. Governor, before withdrawing on the day of the deadline, because quite honestly I was tapped out, in terms of funding. I mulled races for Mayor, U.S. Senator, and then ran for Little Rock School Board, where I got beat. Thrashed would be the word and I got only 8 votes.

Also, it seems to be the topic du’ jour anymore to remind voters in any written piece about me about my sins and shortcomings. There is a small clique of people who literally hate me and spend their short time on this earth hating on me. But I have moved beyond them and say to them as the song says, “Hate On Me, Haters.” You know, at least you know with me you are getting someone who admits his faults, does what he can to be accountable for my wrongs, and tries to move beyond. I wonder how anyone else would feel if all you ever did was to hold their face to what they did wrong while ignoring a lot of what they did right. How would you feel? And it dehumanizes the whole thing to say….well thats how it is for politicians. Why? Who made that rule because its not in the Constitution and up until the days of Lee Atwater and Karl Rove, it wasn’t part of politics. The Revolution of 1994, as the Republicans call it, unleashed many demons on the political process that have not bettered the lives of who they were elected to represent. And Democrats are just as guilty. It’s a cancer on the soul of democracy.

So the smart people say….sit back, wait awhile, go for a lower office, etc.

Maybe that is the smart money. But I don’t want to be Justice of the Peace. I don’t want to serve right now in the State House of Representatives or State Senator, as I like both who are there. I want to be Lt. Governor because this is an office that excels and provides the means for me to do what I do best….advocate.

I don’t like to sit back and wait. I have faced death before. When you are diagnosed with cancer, the first time, before you are 30, it makes you think and makes you want to live life to the fullest. Ever since I have been a little kid, all I really wanted to be was a politician. And not so I can better myself but so I can really live the American Ideal of serving others in elective office. Some may think thats homey, quaint, and a bit idealistic. For me, it’s the truth.

So I am running for Lt. Governor. I can’t buy my way there, but I can try to work my way there, and along the way hopefully enough of you will get to know me and see I am just a guy….someone who really wants the chance to serve. I am no Bill Clinton or Mike Beebe….never claimed to be….just me, a regular guy, wanting to do an super-regular task. That is to be elected and serve in office by the people, representing and speaking for the people, and be accountable of the people and their interest.

With me as Lt. Governor, I will spend every waking day, making the people’s business, my business.



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