Points By Drew Pritt

DECISION DAY – Dateline Kentucky & Mississippi.
November 6, 2007, 6:27 pm
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Steve Beshears Concedes in 1987 Eaves concedes in 96

Today, two men are attempting to ressurect their political careers but more importantly the future of their state at the ballot box. In 1987, Steve Beshear after serving as State Senator, Attorney General, and Lt. Governor conceded a race for Governor in the Democratic primary as pictured above. In 1996, he tried to come back and he was defeated for U.S. Senate. The same year in Mississippi, a young man who had seen his dad concedes three races for Governor in the Democratic primary including 1987, conceded his own race for U.S. Congress with a smile and a wave goodbye.

Both of these men are not the stereotypical liberal or progressive Democrats like myself or whom I support. But they are what I call FAIR DEMOCRATS. They are guided deeply by their faith and their common bond to see the best for their state. Their campaigns have focused on access to affordable health care, creating more jobs and raising the economic prosperity, while protecting and providing for the senior citizens. If one rereads Jesus Christs Sermon on the Mount, they will see Christ said to feed the hungry, clothe the naked, visit those in prison, and take care of one another. Both of these men who attend and are active in their own churches have listened to this and done that in their lives.

I don’t claim that Steve Beshear in Kentucky or John Arthur Eaves, Jr. in Mississippi have all the answers or plans. But I know they both care deeply for the betterment of their state. They both are fair and just and will serve their states with pride and a sense of common benefit for all, not just a select few like the current occupants of the Governorships in those states.

The polls say this will be a blowout for Beshear while Eaves is closing fast but still behind. Below are the pictures that I hope mirror dual victory celebrations tonight for both of these men and their states.

beshearwins.jpg eaveswins.jpg