Points By Drew Pritt

The Dismantling Democrats
March 13, 2008, 7:31 am
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I am at my wit’s end today after hearing the bullying from the Obama Campaign had lead to the resignation of Geraldine Ferraro as the Honorary Fundraising Chairman for Hillary Clinton’s Presidential Campaign. Actually, I have had it up to brim with the posturing, the snide comments, and the apparent dismantling going on in the Democratic Party. Finger pointing is going on, on both sides, but the comments are REALLY starting to get ridiculous, noxious, and honestly, damaging to the Democratic Party.

Have we forgotten that if John McCain is elected, we have a man who is willing to trade his principles for the sake of power? I mean McCain went from being a fierce independent, the man who co-authored the McCain-Feingold Campaign Finance Reform Bill and being such a progressive that John Kerry considered him as a running mate in 2004, to being a George W. Bush sycophant. John McCain is willing to trade the principles and “independence” he champions so he can win power. That would be a continuation of Karl Rove, Iraq, Rising Gas Prices, Falling Wages, the Protection of Law-Breaking Senators like Larry Craig & Dave Vitter, while the Destruction of the Basic Civil Liberties guaranteed to all American citizens.

We are at a crossroads and Obama’s campaign calls Hillary Clinton a monster and Geraldine Ferraro a rascist. It’s all become destructive and the worse thing we have seen since the Civil War. Obama supporters are uncomfortable around family and friends who are Clinton supporters. What has been considered a wealth of riches, in terms of having a choice between a qualified African-American and a qualified Female, for President, has turned into a nightmare.

The worst part is neither side is yielding way and really they should not. Each has a legitimate claim to keep running for President. But also the longer they run, the deeper the divide, and the greater chance McCain has of winning in the fall. So is the answer the Draft of someone else who can unify the party like Al Gore, Jr., Wesley K. Clark, maybe even say another woman candidate with an African-American running mate? Well thats pandering and the wrong approach.

What is the answer? Obama-Clinton or Clinton-Obama is not the answer unfortunately because it would never happen and never would work. You think the JFK-LBJ feud was bad, wait till Round Two which is even more bloody.

My prediction is whomever loses the convention nod will be like the Republicans in 1976, where Ford won the nomination and Reagan won the soul of the party and came back four years later to win the nomination and the White House for eight year.

Stay tuned….